$10 a day Childcare

  • Legislative Review
Stephen asks the government why they are not implementing
affordable childcare in Ontario. (May 2021)

In May, Stephen called on the government to work with the federal government to implement $10 a day childcare in Ontario. There has yet to be any discussions by the Ontario government on implementing affordable childcare.

Meanwhile, the Federal government has just come to a historic agreement with the province of British Columbia and Nova Scotia on committing to $10 per day child care. In the next few years, families in these provinces will begin to save thousands of dollars in costs on this service. This is money they can use to plan for retirement or pay down personal debt.

The Ontario government has continued to remain silent and still has no plan to work with the federal government to implement affordable childcare in Ontario. This is a huge disappointment, as this plan could save Ontario families on average $10,000 per child each year.

Implementing affordable childcare will also bring more women back into the workforce, as they are disproportionally impacted when the costs of childcare are high.

I will continue to press the Ontario government to commit to an affordable childcare plan.