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City proposes renaming Blackburn Bypass extension after former Cumberland mayor

The confusingly titled Blackburn Bypass extension may soon be renamed in honour of former Cumberland mayor and provincial cabinet minister Brian Coburn.

The road in the east end of Ottawa does not bypass Blackburn Hamlet, nor does it even come near the community — it actually runs south of Orléans bypassing, if anything, Innes Road.

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OC Transpo

City's bus magic won't go

Tough to find logic in U-Pass project

What does the term "pilot project" suggest to you? Would you expect a temporary plan with clear objectives, followed by a rational assessment of whether those objectives had been met? If so, let's hope you aren't one of the people who applied to become a public member of the transit commission. At City Hall, "pilot project" means "let's slide this through by pretending that it's temporary," and this week's transit commission meeting illustrated the point neatly.

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OC Transpo

Price hike mulled for non-residents

A councillor wants to know if the city should be charging non-Ottawa residents a premium for using OC Transpo.

The transit commission Thursday carried a motion by Cumberland Coun. Stephen Blais to determine the feasibility of charging outside residents extra for bus passes.


He pointed out the number of vehicles packing park-and-ride lots.

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Council OK's Laurier bike project

Two-year pilot program to cost $1.3M; could be ready by end of summer

Segregated cycling lanes on Laurier Avenue could be a reality by the end of the summer after city council approved a two-year, $1.3-million pilot project Wednesday.

Council has been discussing for years the possibility of the segregated lanes that would, in theory, make it easier for most cyclists to cross the downtown core from east to west and back.

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City Approves Zoning for Orléans Health Hub

As a member of the City of Ottawa’s Planning Committe, Councillor Blais is pleased to announce that the City has approved the rezoning of lands to accommodate the Orléans Health Hub.

“Establishing new health care facilities in the east end is a priority for our community,” says Councillor Blais. “By approving the zoning our community is one step closer to seeing the health hub become a reality.”

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