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City Declares February 8 as Toque Tuesday in Ottawa

The City of Ottawa has declared Tuesday, February 8, 2011 as Toque Tuesday in Ottawa.

Raising the Roof, a national campaign in its 14th year, aims to raise awareness of homelessness through its toque program. Half a million toques have been sold in Canada since the program began.

“Despite the great wealth of our community every day there are thousands of youth, adults, seniors and whole families without a place to call home,” says Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais. “Toque Tuesday is a day to raise awareness about homelessness and to find solutions to help people keep a roof over their head.”

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$103 million earmarked for the east end

Of Ottawa’s $600 million capital-works budget, more than $100 million will be used to upgrade infrastructure in the east end this year.

In an one-on-one interview with Orléans Star following the presentation of the budget last week, Mayor Jim Watson said the east-end community is getting a “significant” share of the city’s infrastructure money this year.

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"Be sincere, be brief, be seated"

City Councillor Stephen Blais on superheroes and what he stole from FDR

1. What was the earliest thing you can recall wanting to be when you grew up?

An insurance agent. My father has been in insurance for 30 years and my grandfather ran a small insurance brokerage for decades. I remember wanting to follow in his footsteps, and those of my grandfather's.

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Garbage and Recycling / Déchets et Recyclage

Trash talk hits home

Residents debate reduced garbage collection at info session

For the man who used only six bags for garbage in 2010, the idea to reduce trash pickup to once every two weeks is a no-brainer.

Mark Johnson admitted there might still be some diehards who like to stuff all they can into their garbage, but at an information session Thursday night at the Walter Baker Recreation Centre in Nepean he said recycling and the green bin program simply make sense.

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Garbage and Recycling / Déchets et Recyclage

Pitch to reduce collection stinks

If our tax rates haven't decreased, our rate of garbage collection shouldn't either.

Right now, the city is engaged in a waste review process where they are considering various options for altering the rate and format of waste collection. One of the options is to reduce garbage collection from every week to every second week. This is a bad idea and we fully oppose it.

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