Blais welcomes new businesses to Orléans

Jobs and important services for our growing community

Stephen is pleased to welcome the arrival of two new businesses to Cumberland Ward in Orléans.

“It’s very exciting to see the continuous growth of the economy in Orléans and especially in Cumberland Ward,” says Cumberland City Councillor Stephen Blais. “The City’s investments in infrastructure in Orléans and our commitment to stable tax changes is encouraging entrepreneurs to open businesses in our community.”

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Mondaria Park

New park for Summerside West

Online consultation for Mondaria Park in Summerside West

The concept plan found here and images depict the proposed park design and play equipment for a new parkette being develop in the Mer Bleue community of Summerside West Phase 2, Monardia Park. The community is invited to provide comments on the proposed concept plan, as shown below.

If you wish to provide comments please send, no later than April 11, 2018.

Mary Ellen Wood
Parks and Facilities Planning
Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services
City of Ottawa
613-580-2424 extension 16482
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Garbage and Recycling



City may finally allow plastic bags in the green bin

Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais is pleased that the City is finally addressing the inherent problems with the Green Bin Program. The Green Bin Program could expand under a revised contract with Orgaworld Canada Ltd.

Blais voted against the move the bi-weekly garbage collection in 2011 because of the problems with the green bin contract and the reduction in core city services.

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Left turn arrow - Tenth Line & Vanguard

My office has received concerns from residents in the community with regards to being able to safely turn left from Tenth Line Road to Vanguard Drive. Specifically, it is difficult for a left turning vehicle to see on-coming traffic when there is a vehicle in the opposing left turn lane.

City staff have developed a plan that would change the operation of the traffic signal from current operation where vehicles turn left on a green ball to one where vehicles can only turn left with a left turn arrow. At all other times, a left turn vehicle would face a red ball (similar operation to a vehicle turning left at Innes and Tenth Line).

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Summerside West Subdivision Expansion

Public Meeting: Summerside West Subdivision Expansion

Mattamy has applied to develop the next three stages of Summerside West

The applications are to develop approximately 39 hectares of land for over 750 residential units. The subject lands are between Mer Bleue Road and Tenth Line Road, south of Sweetclover Way and Mandalay Street, east of Renaud Road. The new community will include an elementary school block, a neighbourhood park and alterations to McKinnons Creek.

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