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Street Renaming In Vars Officially Commemorated

Street Renaming In Vars Officially Commemorated

Centre Street in Vars is renamed after two important and early pioneer families

Councillor Stephen Blais along with Jean Seguin and members of the Allard and Suprenant families officially commemorated the renaming of Centre Street in Vars to cours Suprenant Walk and cours Lionel-Allard Walk.

As part of the Improve Process for Resolving Municipal Addressing Anomalies, Centre Street was identified as requiring a name change. Centre Street was divided into two parts, north and south of the Via railway line.

Jean Seguin, organizer of the village's centennial celebrations, proposed the Allard and Surprenant families to the City’s Commemorative Naming committee where by an application was considered, made available to public consultation and was unanimously approved by City Council.

"In conjunction with the centenary celebrations of the village of St. Guillaume Parish, it seemed very appropriate to underline the commitment of these two families in the development of our village,” said M. Seguin. “It is a sign of our gratitude.”

M. Lionel Allard was the only son to M. Vitaline Allard, an early settler who moved to Vars in 1914. M. Lionel Allard took over the family farm where he and his wife, Angelina Tremblay, had 12 children. The family remained on the farm until 1961. Lionel was dedicated to the community whereby he built the addition to the Church, renovated the village school, cleared trails, streets and even Devine Road are memories that remain of the Allard family to this day after six generation in the Village.

M. Suprenant settled in Vars in 1904 where he and his wife Emilie had 11 children. M. Surprenant passed in 1927 and is the first person to be buried in the Catholic Cemetery. His family continues to thrive in Vars and have made important contributions through various organizations, including the Lions, Seniors event organizers and for maintaining the Cemetery.

“I am very pleased to have these families recognized, particularly as we celebrate the Parish’s 100th anniversary” said Councillor Blais. “They settled down here and helped make Vars an excellent example of what collaboration can achieve when families like the Allards and Surprenant care and contribute to their community,” he added.

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