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Public Information Session on Stage 2 LRT

Residents are invited to participate in an online public information session on the Stage 2 Light Rail Transit (LRT) proposal, the largest infrastructure project in the City’s history.

Wednesday, March 1. The session begins at 6:30 p.m.

The presentation will be on the City of Ottawa’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. For more details, please visit



Dear Friends,

Today, I was very pleased to join Mayor Jim Watson in announcing the City of Ottawa’s plans to move forward with Stage 2 of our Light Rail Transit project, which will connect Ottawa; East, West and South together.

Blais Helps Hammer in First Rail Tie for LRT

Blais Helps Hammer in First Rail Tie for LRT

Installation signals beginning of Transitway conversion

Cumberland Councillor and Chair of the Transit Commission Stephen Blais helped hammer in the first rail tie for the O-Train Confederation Line signalling the beginning of the Transitway conversion; another important milestone in the Light Rail project.

LRT to Orléans

Orléans LRT & HWY 174 Widening Environmental Assessment Open Houses

Confederation Line East LRT Extension
The City of Ottawa is undertaking an Environmental Assessment (EA) Study for the extension of LRT from Blair Station to Trim Road along the Ottawa Road 174 (OR174) corridor in accordance with the Transit Projects Assessment Process. This LRT line will provide fast, reliable service to the communities of Beacon Hill, Blackburn Hamlet, Orleans, and rural Cumberland. A total of eight stations are proposed between Blair Station and the Trim Park and Ride.

Highway 174/County Road 17 Widening
The United Counties of Prescott and Russell in partnership with the City of Ottawa are undertaking a Class EA study for the OR174 and Prescott-Russell County Road 17 (CR17) corridor from Highway 417 to County Road 8 (Landry Road). This Study is being carried out in accordance with the requirements for a Schedule ‘C’ project under the Municipal Class EA process.

The case for LRT to Orléans

The case for LRT to Orléans

If ever there was a case to bring light rail to Orléans, a recent report citing Ottawa as the third-worst city in Canada in which to drive to-and-from work is all any politician needs to understand why we desperately need all levels of government investing in Stage 2 bringing LRT to Orléans.

Disturbingly, Ottawa residents lose 81 hours being stuck in traffic, which is only slightly behind Toronto at 83 hours. When you consider Toronto has more than more than five times our population, these figure become even more alarming.

Ottawa Citizen

Watson puts his future on the line

Joanne Chianello looks at the political risk the mayor is taking with his transportation master plan

For someone who was very reluctant to climb aboard the LRT bandwagon during the last election, it’s astonishing the degree to which Mayor Jim Watson is hanging his political future on rapid transit.

In an unusually pre-hyped speech Wednesday morning, Watson not only laid out his vision for transit expansion in the capital but signalled what will undoubtedly be one of his major reelection platform planks: expanded rail.

Instead of eking rail service out across the city over the next two decades (or more), Watson opted for the bolder move of extending service to the east, west and south simultaneously in a single $3-billion project he says can be completed between 2018 and 2023.

LRT to Orléans


Today, the City of Ottawa is recommending Light Rail be extended to Orléans in the second phase of the light rail plan.

“This is exciting news for Orléans and all of Ottawa,” says Blais. “A fully integrated, city wide, rail system is the future of public transit in Ottawa and this is another important step in achieving that goal.”

Mayor readies transportation plan

Expect political intrigue as council grapples with conflicting visions of who gets what

Hashing out the city's transportation master plan might sound like the world's driest bureaucratic proceeding, but it could very well turn into the biggest political - and most substantive - debate of this city council's term.

City to study fast-tracking LRT extension to Orléans

There's already disagreement over a proposed LRT extension after a City of Ottawa report suggests bus money for Orleans could go towards light rail instead.

Commuters in the city's east end said it can take as many as two hours to get to work with traffic.

"When going from one end to another, there are no direct routes; I take three buses to work," said Trevor Smith. "It's too much time commuting every day."

Councillor wants LRT brought to Orléans sooner rather than later

City staff are to assess how light-rail transit can be brought to Orléans “at the earliest opportunity” by reviewing whether to invest in trains rather than buses in one of two rapid-transit corridors, says Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais, whose bid to have options studied was approved by council last year.

The city plans to eventually extend light-rail east of Blair Road along a pair of routes: One south of Highway 174 and the other a Cumberland transit corridor that stretches along a section of Innes Road and continues south of Innes before ending east of Trim Road.

Extend LRT to Orleans sooner: Planner

Orléans residents might actually see LRT in their lifetimes.

The city’s planning chief told council Friday staff will investigate if it’s a good idea to take all the rapid transit money earmarked for the east end and use it for extending light rail there.

The area has one of the highest transit demands in Ottawa.

Blais Continues to Advance LRT to Orléans

Blais Continues to Advance LRT to Orléans

City Reviewing Two Options for Orléans Train

At Councillor Stephen Blais’ behest, City Staff will commence the processes of fully assessing the feasibility of bringing LRT to Orléans.

“Orléans’ residents commute to Downtown by bus more than any other suburban residents in North America,” says Blais. “Given this unprecedented commitment to public transit demonstrated by Orléans and Cumberland taxpayers, bringing LRT to our community is tax dollars well spent.”

Dissension in council bound to come about

Expect newbies to take initiative soon

On his last official day of office, Gord Hunter referred to the gang of new councillors as "Snow White with her friends." But that metaphor hasn't turned out to be altogether accurate.

For one thing, not all of the nine male councillors are so vertically challenged that they deserve the diminutive characterization. More important, they don't moon after Kitchissippi's Katherine Hobbs, the sole female rookie councillor.

Orléans LRT Leaps First Hurdle

Orléans LRT Leaps First Hurdle

Cumberland City Councillor Stephen Blais, an ardent proponent of light rail to Orléans, is pleased to announce that a future LRT link has cleared it’s first and substantial hurdle.

“An Orléans LRT connection will sharply decrease commute times for East End residents,” says Blais. “Orléans has the highest ridership of public transit in the City – we’ve bought into public transit and it’s time for the City to buy into LRT for Orléans.”

Councillors seeking light rail completion by 2017

Siemens Canada suggests faster timeline

Councillors harangued senior city staff Tuesday over what they characterized as the slow progress of the $2.1-billion light-rail plan and pushed for the new transit system to be completed by 2017 -a full two years ahead of schedule.

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